Friday, September 16, 2016

Woweeza Omg Hooooooooooooo its gonna be an awesome week wow o wee im so excited you don't want to miss these events

18th September 2016-Fleet Day 2016
The Rookery Seas/Navy Community is proud to announce its 2nd Fleet Day in InWorldz!
The event will be to the benefit of RFL this year! Check out the nc and invit inworld for more info

18th September 2016 Noon IWT-Phantom Of The Opera Ball 2016
DJ Charles Vane will be playing the songs from the Play, Phantom of the Opera, plus a whole lot of awesome dance tunes!! Guaranteed to be a fantastic party and we can’t do it without you!! Max has made a special venue for the event and we would be so very honored if you would invite your friends to come, participate and have a very special time with us!! EVERYONE WELCOME!!!! Check out the notecard or invite inworld for more info

September 19th 2016-Dutch Fantasy Club - RFL event with WeeFolks for a Cure
Monday - Sept 19th 2016 DJ  Taxi from 11am - 1pm IWT Lightnin Lowtide from 1pm - 2pm IWT   a  live performance 
Dutch Fantasy is new to relay this year and we would love to have everyone come out and share this special time with them Check us out inworld for more info ! 

20th September 2016- In Memory Of Clint Westwood The Loft Blues Club
DJ Dick Pinelli 7PM IWT
Ganjo Mokeev 8PM IWT
Support The Fighters.
Admire The Survivors.
Honor The Fallen


All info and up coming events can be found here at our official calendar

Friday, August 5, 2016

RFLofIW kickoff 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join us tomorrow Saturday the 6th of august where we kick off our relay for live season in inworldz our kickoff starts at 8Am IWT where we will have our pre-kickoff party then move into the awesome sounds of MrMikie String before we head into our speeches then continue with our kickoff party's 

I have included some snapshots of the sims but they don't do it justice you gotta see them for yourself come join us tomorrow Saturday august the 6th from 8AM and Go Go Go Relay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!