Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our Community Of Hope

ONovember 8th, 2015, starting at 8am IWT, Relay For Life of InWorldz will hosting a wrap celebration of our 4th season in InWorldz with a showcase of  Our Community Of Hope.

"It is our distinct honor to be lending our creativity and artistic expression to RFL; a cause that so deeply touches the human spirit. Our entire team is wrapped up in this planning and we believe it's going to be a show full of joy, tempered with the reality of sadness but ultimately uplifting and empowering. A dance, a song, a movement that touches all of our hearts is what we have to offer you."

From August 9th until the 15th, Martin Glom is hosting the 2nd annual Fashion For Life event with a week of fashion, entertainment, an added element, "Community Shows."

Mid season, the teams hope to carry the torch and host our 3rd annual Job & Services Fair, now rechristened the "RFL InWorldz Fair."

Relay Weekend will be held on October 17th, 2015 from 9am until 9pm IWT.

 Many people have work long and hard to make what we hope, do be our best year ever in so many ways.

Click this link: to sign your team up today for Our Community Of Hope.

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