Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 RFLIW Season has Come To A Close

Our season has come to a close this has been by far our biggest and best season to date every year it gets more biggest more better and more fun and 2016 will be even better we have seen so much happen from the new home of RFLIW the ACS 2x2 sims coming online to us beating last year's record and more its been a wonderful time with you all.

There has also been some  news that was announced today also as most of you know for the last 4 years Bain Finch and Hairy have been running the Relay for Life of Inworldz and what they created has been amazing but as with any voluntary organization change has to happen.

New blood has to brought in to extend the fundraising Relay for Life Of Inworldz does, with that being said Bain Finch and Hairy Thor have stepped down from being Chair and Co-Chair 

This has been a long thought out plan and did not happen overnight they have picked their new Chair and Co-Chair Oldesoul Eldemar will be the new Chair of RFLIW and Martin Glom will be his Co.Chair.

2016 is going to be huge, new ideas new blood, fresh teams, and fresh faces to join our already existing seasoned teams, relayers, and volunteers we all look forward to seeing you relay with us, the kiosk and vendors have been switched to the general account which ends our 2015 Community Of Hope season but you can still fundraise throughout the year and Relay , we also had the privilege to present our awards and recognition for this relay they are below

We look forward to seeing you in 2016 and if you're interested to make a team or get involved let Oldesoul Eldemar or Martin Glom know


For the individual that covered the furthest distance by way of the pedometer
Spirit of Relay * Most Laps * Eilidh McCullough

For the group or team that were there, all season long, all over Relay, generally generating fun and good times
Spirit of Relay * Fun and Fair * WeeFolks For a Cure

For the new team of the season that excelled at making noise across the grid and online right out the gates.
Spitit of Relay * New Team * OyO Breedables

For special recongnition to a returning team for many memorable events through out the season 
Spitit of Relay * Returning Team * Roleplay For Life

For recongnition to the team that excelled with their fundraising efforts
Spirit of Relay * Top Fundraising Team * OyO Breedables

For the team with overall campsite theme with mission message 
Spirit of Relay * Campsite * Tri-Group

Special recongnition for contribution throughout the Relay season 
Spirit of Relay * Designer * Aminata Potez

During Relay, there is always something that touches us, on so many levels. 
Spirit of Relay * Outstanding Contribution * Benski Trenkins

For that individual that stand apart. Their contribution was felt at every event and in all manner. 
Spirit of Relay * Martin Glom

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