Saturday, November 7, 2015

Relay For Life 2015 Season Wrap up

RFLofIW 2015 Season Wrap Up Party and Awards Ceremony

A Celebration of, and, for the teams, volunteers, supporters and contributors of Our Community of Hope.

November 8th, 9am - 11am IWT (or later)

During the season we have seen so much and it's been so awesome they say time flies when your having fun and this season has come and gone so fast, we have seen our seasoned teams fundraise and we have welcomed so many new teams to the relay for life family.

With the addition of the new 2x2 ACS sims which we now have our seasons are going to be bigger and better 2016 will be even more bigger and better.

With the last days of one incredible year for Our Community of Hope coming to an end, you are welcome to come celebrate the people, groups and events of our 4th season of Relay For Life of InWorldz. 

Warm up party to with DJ Bain starting at 9am, speeches and presentation begin at 10, followed by DJ Martin to lead us forward.

Come celebrate your hard work and your efforts and your relay for life 

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