Monday, November 3, 2014

Thanks YOU ~ 2014 RFLofIW

Please follows these instructions to the letter:

1. Open notepad on your desktop
2. Set font size to at least 100
3. Type "WOW" hit return
4. Type "We HIT 2 Million Izzies"
5. Make "2 Million Izzies" bold font
6. Follow that by a bunch on explanation marks
7. Shout out as loud as you dare: "WE ARE AN AWESOME TEAM"
8. Be dam proud of the effort you gave
9. Lean back, enjoy, and savor the Smile on you face!
10. Save the attachment in a special place to remind yourself
how freaking amazing you guys are!!!

I never doubted all of you, in what you are capable off.

Now start saving your Izzies, Toys For Tots in coming up soon, and there are a lot of kids out there and could use your type of loving.

Hairy Thor and Bain Finch
2014 Co-Chairs
Relay For Life of InWorldz